About me!

I studied art at ANU School of Art and the Slade School of art in London and have enjoyed art making for as long as I can remember. I’m a wife, Mum and an art teacher, and have taught an age range of toddlers to adults. Art truely is my passion. I love looking at the work of others, art history and art making. My medium of choice is painting but since having a young family I have adapted my practice to drawing materials. Subject matter has differed a lot over the years, I have always loved portraiture but it’s very time consuming... love abstraction and playing with line, shape, form colour and tone. And at present I'm really enjoying working on my "Women” collection using watercolour and pencil. These drawings explore my interest in Meditation, mindfulness and motherhood. Thanks for visiting my site and if you have any questions about any of my work please contact me.