This is a repost from the lovely @scandilane_ . I wanted to share it as it’s about the impact my art has had on her. It makes me feel so happy when my artwork is felt the way it is intended. Beautiful styling and photography by @scandilane_ Happy Sunday Everyone. #Repost @scandilane_ with @make_repost
Seeking calmness & inner peace can be hard , but focus on the things you can control ...
This week I was sent this beautiful piece of art drawn by @linziejoanneartist
It couldn’t have come at a better time ..
This lady represents
To be unified or
to feel as one whole !!
As a women we are always evolving & growing , learning our strengths
So now more than ever
I’m reaching within to know
I am strong enough to get through this
We are the blessed ones 🥰

We get get to stay home in our safe havens and do what we like !!!!!
Couldn’t get more better than that right 😉
Have a wonderful Saturday friends 💕
You’ve got this x